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2013-09-18 16.05.24

Observed: 18th September 2013 By: Rob LawrenceRob Lawrence’s reputation in InvertebratesRob Lawrence’s reputation in Invertebrates
2013-09-18 16.05.24
2013-09-18 16.06.32
2013-09-18 16.07.24

Small ground beetle (6mm), fairly distinctive body shape and very distinctive tarsi.

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use the drop options of names

Hi Rob

When typing in a species name use the drop options of names to avoid costly spelling mistakes. You inadvertently erected a genus 'new to science' ;-)

Some interesting observations.

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Clivina fossor

Corrected typo

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Insect photos

I've got heaps of lab insect photos ( unfortunately mostly from Masters project pitfall and malaise traps so dead) that I will endeavor to post up. Sometimes good to see different perspectives though obviously better having live photos.