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Golden Rod species

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Species interactions

Species with which Early Goldenrod (Solidago gigantea) interacts


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Leaves rough to the touch ,,,

... is my rule of thumb for separating Solidago canadensis from Solidago gigantea. Note however that Solidago gigantea has ciliate leaves (i.e. with hairs along the margin).

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Golden Rod species

I knew I wouldn't be able to tell what species! My memory is that it was the edges of the leaves that seemed rough/ hairy rather than being sure that the whole surface of the leaves was rough.

Perhaps I ought to take my Tutin, Clapham and Warburg with me next time!

Thanks for the comments folks - always happy to learn!

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Plant identification does turn circular at times ...

... you have to already know the difference between species to understand the descriptions telling you how to tell them apart.

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This book is very out-of-date now. Time to treat yourself to Stace Edn 3!