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Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth

Observed: 24th September 2013 By: chrisbrooks
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Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth
Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth
Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth

Perhaps the ultimate photographic challenge, to freeze the wings of a Hummingbird Hawk-moth. I don't know at what rate they beat but its very fast and at 1/3200th of a second I nearly achieved it. Unfortunately this one was 12 feet up at the top of a large Buddleia bush which made things very difficult.

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You Lucky Devil!

I've only ever seen one, and that was before I took up photography.
Super pictures, Chris, you can be proud of them. Who'd have thought you'd have to go faster than 1/3200 second? If I ever see one again, I shall bear that in mind.
By the way, have you any thoughts about the - whatever it is - on the Dark Bush Cricket I posted? My suspicion is that it's a parasitic fungus, but I wouldn't put money on it. Not mine, anyway ;-)



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Thanks Simon, it's the first one I have ever seen and in my front garden made it even better. The wife saw it and thought it was some strange bee.

Regarding that growth, I did look at it for some time. It almost looks like a tumour with its irregular form. I'm perplexed though.

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I have only ever seen one in the garden and could not get a photo,very well captured


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Thanks Sheila, it was a first for me so it rounded off a good day very nicely.

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Super images Chris, Ive never

Super images Chris, Ive never seen one. Youve captured it incredibly well.


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I'm sure the above comments are praise enough, but I wanted to add my two-penn'orth. Great shots!