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Silk 'tent' on hornbeam leaf

Observed: 23rd September 2013 By: PatrickroperInvertebrates expert
Silk 'tent' on hornbeam leaf
Silk 'tent' on hornbeam leaf

I found this tiny, ovoid, flat-topped patch of silk on the vein on the upperside of a hornbeam leaf. The silk weave could be seen under a microscope. Inside there were several invertebrates like tiny woodlice in a row along the vein. I wondered if they were scale insects. It was the only one I could find

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I was a bit hasty with this

I was a bit hasty with this ID and I should have said 'it might be this' as I think there would be just one larva and the tent would be membranous rather than silky if it is a leaf miner.

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