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Problems with observations added 20-23 September

Hi everyone, as you've seen we had a new set of technical problems over the weekend, with reputation not displaying correctly and observations not linking properly to location and species group.

As far as we can tell these have now been largely resolved - but as ever let us know if you're still experiencing problems.

We have re-attached observations to their species groups, and the locations and reputations should be showing up again now. What might have gone missing though are any tags that you had assigned to your observations from the last few days - if that is the case all we can do is apologise and ask you to re-assign the tags if you wish to have them. (To do this, go to the observation and click on the Edit tab, towards the top of the page, and you'll be able to add any tags or make other changes if needed.)

This particular problem is not related to the server issues that were recently causing iSpot to run slowly, nor to any of the other recent changes - we believe (and sincerely hope!) that it was a one-off.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, and hopefully things are back to normal now.



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Comments etc.

It still seems to be the case that you have to Preview a comment before posting it. This is not necessarily a bad thing (I know lots of sites require it) but is a change compared to previous iSpot behaviour.

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Yes. This has changed. I

Yes. This has changed. I think well probably leave it alone for now & see what people think.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Yes probably good in balance I'm run ragged at the moment and usually leave a comment to encourage or support obs , it now forces me to seek out any glaring typos

Best Wishes


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