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Click Beetle

Observed: 25th May 2010 By: Melica
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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What makes this Athous

What makes this Athous haemorrhoidalis rather than one of the other similar click beetles

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That's a good question! And I'm not sure I have a very convincing answer, but I would say that some click beetles become recognisable with a bit of experience, based on their shape, size, colour and texture (i.e. what birders might call the 'jizz' of its appearance). Although we don't have a measurement of this one, judging by the plant it is sitting on (Yellow Archangel?) it is the right size and shape for Athous haemorrhoidalis. The closest species, Athous vittata, usually has paler legs and yellowish basal segments to the antennae.

The fact that haemorrhoidalis is extremely common at this time of year is also a factor, and although of course not enough in itself to confirm the ID I think it does tip the balance in favour of haemorrhoidalis unless there is anything in the appearance of the beetle to suggest otherwise.

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Thanks I have loads of

Thanks I have loads of pictures of click beetles like this and was not sure where to start with them, will probably put them up in the near future