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Blushing Bracket

Observed: 4th September 2013 By: stevenelawsonstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensstevenelawson’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Blushin Brackets
Blushing Bracket pores

Several specimens found on very old tree stump


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Re. parad1se's identification

Hello parad1se
I've a couple of observations about your ID. Firstly, I'm not at all sure the shape is wrong for Blushing Bracket - I've seen several photographs of specimens the same shape as the ones I pictured, and both of my guides describe it as being fan or semi-circularr shaped, which some of these are. Also, the stem doesn't look right for Polyporus tuberaster to me - the stems on the ones I saw were much thicker - look at the photo of the underside, there's hardly a stem at all. Also, you can clearly see in my photograph of the underside that the pores have bruised a deep reddish brown which, to me, indicates Blushing bracket. I know the upper side may be a bit light in colour but then is it not possible these are simply young specimens?
Many thanks for your interest in my sighting,