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Small, pale nudibranch

Observed: 19th September 2013 By: dejayM
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tipped rhino

10mm (L I Z A is 8mm; generally pale (ivory). Tipped and feathered 'horns' which were upright or slightly forward facing. Orange-reddish tinge to central upper body (warm spot). Brighter and lighter to rear. Short conical 'hairs'. 9 perhaps 10 gills (circular). Warm orange under - Picture 3 is monochrome.
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some issues

Acanthodoris pilosa is the easiest choice but there are some anomlies.
Under the pictures above are my descriptive notes made at the time. They do not fit perfectly the research material -
"..about 30mm to 70mm...long, soft, pointed papillae..rhinophores long conical stalks, lamelate ends...posterially directed..up to nine large gills encircling.." is from Haywood & Ryland. Too big perhaps?
is a fair lookalike

Onchidoris muricata
up to 14mm. Gills in horseshoe, so can be discounted.

Adalaria proxima
up to papillae...up to 12 small gills...
the picture here
is NOT a good loookalike.

The issue, for me, is shown in the mono picture of the rhinophore - a bit revealing because the tip, seen clearly as an extension, is not shown in research pictures nor mentioned in text (that I could find).
She may have actually been grazing Membranipora membranacea.
I was much inspired by It is one of the nicest sites, with photos.