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English Cowslip

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Common Cowslip with red flowers
Common Cowslip with yellow flowers
Habitat.Common Cowslips and Daffodils

Early spring-flowering English cowslip.Normally yellow flowers but colour hybrids in shades of red and orange occur.("sunset shades")Rosette of dark green oblong-ovate leaves.Leaf margins roll inwards and are unevenly toothed.Upright stems with clusters of 10-30 nodding flowers 1.5cm wide.Yellow-green sepals are united to form a pale crinkled "collar" from which the corolla projects.The 5 lobed corolla is regular,funnel-shaped and folded inwards at the tip.
The first primula looks as if it has two tone white & red flowers because the sepal "collar" is very light.

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