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Red gurnard

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Great shots, helpful for ID

Great shots, helpful for ID purposes.

I'm not going to post an alternative ID because I am not sure - it could well be a variation of the Red Gurnard. However, I am going to comment on this possibly being the Tub Gurnard, Chelidonichthys lucernus (or Trigla lucerna, depending on which ID guide you are using) and it could be a young one, hence not having the full colouration of the adult.

According to Kay and Dipper's The Field Guide to the Marine Fishes of Wales and Adjacent Waters, Red Gurnards don't tend to have blue markings on the pectoral fins and on the reverse of this fish's pectorals there is a distinct blue margin. This is echoed in the description given for Tub Gurnard on the Marine Species Identification Portal http://species-identification.org/species.php?species_group=fnam&id=2145....

Both sources state that the pectoral fins, when pulled back, extend beyond the start of the anal fin, whereas in Red and Grey Gurnards, they just about reach the start. In your images, they do appear to extend beyond the start. There is quite a prominent cleithral spine (shoulder spine, above the pectoral fin) on your fish, a feature of Tub Gurnards also.

The final thing is that Red Gurnard have vertically elongated scales running along the lateral line (a bit like the windows on an aircraft) whereas the Tub Gurnard the scales look like a series of thin tubes joined together to look like a ridge, much like the chrome strip running down the side of an old car. The lateral line on your fish look like the latter.

I'm not suggesting you change your ID but have a look at the sources indicated above, particularly the web one, and see what you think.

Trudy Russell
Marine Advisor
Natural England

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