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17 sep foam n gras

Observed: 17th September 2013 By: Egometh
17 sep some foam
19 sep foam

At first I thought it was chewing gum, but the texture was different, sort of sticky. It was tigtly stuck to the straw, and I wouldn't spoil it, if it was/ is a shelter for some carterpillar or an insect. 2. picture is a similar structure in the same rather moist grassland indicating that it is not an unusual occurrence.

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A slime-mould Mucilago or

A slime-mould Mucilago or similar.

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From your photos and description this seems to be too solid to be the foam produced by nymphs of cuckoo-spit bugs (Aphrophoridae). Mydaea may well be correct that it is a slime-mould, but if the structure was made of silk then a moth cocoon might be a possibility, or maybe a spider's egg sac. However, as far as I can tell from the photos there doesn't seem to be any trace of silk threads in the structure.

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