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Black bee - faint orange/white banding 2013-09-16 12.06.47

Observed: 16th September 2013 By: Rob LawrenceRob Lawrence’s reputation in InvertebratesRob Lawrence’s reputation in Invertebrates
Black bee - faint banding - 2013-09-16 12.06.47
Black bee - side 2013-09-16 12.07.31
Bee - underside 2013-09-16 12.08.56
Bee - Probasis - 2013-09-16 12.09.57
2013-09-16 12.16.55

Bee found in a malaise trap. Colour marking have probably faded and bee is wet so might look a bit different to what it normally does. Looks like it has whitish/yellow hairs on neck, orange on 2nd abdominal segment and possibly whitish hairs on tail.

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Rob, you need to dry it then

Rob, you need to dry it then you'll be able to tell if its lucorum/terrestris/hortorum etc. B.

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I did try drying this bee out for 24 hours but it didn't seem to work, not sure if its coated with glycol or something from the medium it was in?