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Observed: 1st September 2013 By: mrb26

small bird, sat on the floor, i thought it couldn't fly as it only ran away from me when i got near it. but i picked it up quite easily as did not want it to stay on the ground vulnerable to predators. it later flew out of my hands into a tree. it had red eyes, grey body with white flecks, small beak which didn't peck me with. thin feet

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It will be an escaped cage bird, a Dove of some sort, but I don't have my books with me to check the species.


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i did think it was some sort

i did think it was some sort of pigeon/dove at first but due to it being able to fly at such a small size i'm not sure that it is(it fit comfortably in my cupped hands maybe 8-10cm wide). its long tail that did not fan out when it landed was also strange, (more like a budgie) not to mention the red eyes. i do agree that it might be an escaped bird due to it being so tame