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Has iSpot misrecorded the location?

The location given doesn't match the associated description, and the longitude has a suspiciously round (exactly 4W) value.

There is a known bug. If you enter a location while at maximum zoom in satellite mode iSpot has a tendency to mangle it - I've seen locations as far away as the Gulf of Guinea and the Indian Ocean.

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That is the only way I could get the co-ordinates as this location was ' in the wilds '. How can I deal with this ?

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You have two alternatives ...

either you can enter a grid reference directly, whether from a GPS or read from a map,

or after having selected the location on the satellite view zoom back out a bit before telling iSpot to accept the location.

I believe that you can correct locations. (I thought I had corrected dates as well, but there have been subsequent reports of iSpot refusing to allow changes of date.)

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Hi Landgirl maggie

I'm not quite sure how to answer this query but have referred it to the technical team so they should be in touch with you shortly.

Hope that helps!

Clare Flynn

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Setting locations

I don't think I can add anything to the advice given above by lavateraguy, and yes you should be able to change locations (and dates) by clicking on the Edit tab towards the top of the page.

We are working towards an upgrade to iSpot that should improve the way the iSpot database handles location information, so things should get better, but I don't yet have a firm timescale for when these changes will be apparent on the site.

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