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Observed: 13th August 2013 By: JoCJoC’s reputation in MammalsJoC’s reputation in Mammals
Wild boar Tueda (2)
Sanglier Tueda

This is typical of the digging and faecal deposit; the evidence is seen more often than the animal.

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Well Jo. I don't think you'll get many agreements here. But I have found some 'pretty' good lookalikes on the web, see-
I suppose it does not look unlike young pony dung (I mean a young pony) and "...consist[s] of irregularly shaped lumps up to 7cm thick and approximately 10cm long.."
Knowing how carefully you research these things and that the observation is in the right sort of place, I have no qualms about agreeing.

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Wild boar

Certainly looks like boar; black and chunky with vegetation matter.

Graham Banwell

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