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In grassy strip

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Colonising a grassy strip between a wood and a field

Species interactions

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Species with which Crosswort (Galium cruciata) interacts


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Never heard this called...

...Galium cruciata, must be a very old name? I would call it Cruciata laevipes.

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Latin names

Interesting comment. I didn't know the Latin names could vary. I have checked several of my books and you are right, modern ones call it Cruciata laevipes. The one in which I found it called Galium cruciata was published by the Royal Society for Nature Conservation in 1984

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Unfortunately plant names are under continuous review and change as evidence (mainly molecular/genetic) is found for new groupings. It's a source of constant confusion for botanists!

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Latin names

These do vary causing anguish to many folks. The taxonomy may change or a name that takes historical prescendent may be found.