iSpot running slowly

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Apologies if you have found iSpot to be running slowly recently, or even not being available. The problem is being investigated and we hope to have things fixed soon. Watch this space for updates.


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It is very very slow!

It is very very slow!

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It is so slow for me it is unusable, even when I really want to view an observation and leave it for 10 minutes it comes up with an error message... Please please fix, this has been going on for a long time!

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And we seem to be back to full service ;)

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I wondered if the site had

I wondered if the site had been hacked as a strange sinister icon appeared (Topcat in shades) instead of the ispot logo.

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still s...l...o...w...

still s...l...o...w...

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No. Not hacked but we had

No. Not hacked but we had some issues with the volume of traffic coming to iSpot. Its just too popular! We are now working on various ways of speeding up the response of iSpot.

Thanks everyone for your patience.

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