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IMG_681314TH SEPTEMBER 2013a

Observed: 16th September 2013 By: DSLRDSLR’s reputation in InvertebratesDSLR’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_681314TH SEPTEMBER 2013a
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Hi David, I hadnt seen a

Hi David,

I hadnt seen a pupa with such tufts before but the colour seems quite a bit different from the other black arches whic you hatched out?

The orange banding is extremely like a fox moth pupa but I dont think its that as it should be in a cocoon and the tufts dont seem right either, just mentioning it incase its a relative- the colour puts me off Black Arches?


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I've no idea what colour a

I've no idea what colour a Black Arches pupa should be but I've noticed that some pupae darken after being parasitized.