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Buff breasted sandpiper

Observed: 14th September 2013 By: ianbarnettianbarnett’s reputation in Birdsianbarnett’s reputation in Birdsianbarnett’s reputation in Birdsianbarnett’s reputation in Birds
buff breasted sandpiper
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The key identification

The key identification feature for Buff Brested Sandpiper would be the presence of dozens of grim faced twitchy men in expensive waterproofs carrying hyper extensive telescopes giving the alarm call "Is it still there?" while the Alpha Twitchers crow "Third one this year"

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Ha, Ha! I know. That was the

Ha, Ha! I know. That was the case back home recently but I am up on the Uists and I just couldn't figure it out so had a guess...


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...and of course they are being seen up that way.

Also, (and not directed at Ian at all) if a twitch were on, half those attending would probably have got to the site, looked at this bird, ticked it as a Buff-breasted and got a flight straight back to London with an increased list and a smile on their faces.

Ah, happy memories of my twitching days...(but I like to think that I did know what I was looking at!)

I have to say that this bird is doing its best to look a slightly different shape to most Knot...rather tucked up and not quite as long in the body.

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......and they would be

......and they would be doggedly argueing online that the bird they had ticked off was not the one in the photo

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and then

and then.....gone out and bought a very expensive pair of new binoculars....lol