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Coastal Path Plants do not grow tall because of the wind.

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Do you have any idea of the

Do you have any idea of the ph of the soil/sand there? The plant looks a bit like heath spotted orchid to me and they tend to grow on more acid areas than common spotted orchid and look quite similar. Were there other plants that might indicate it was somewhat acidic?

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New area for me, added Photo.

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I wonder about Heath Spotted too - the central tooth of the lower lip looks quite short, but it can be really difficult to tell the 2 species apart. The habitat looks very suitable for Heath Spotted.


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Thats a nice habitat shot and

Thats a nice habitat shot and collection of additional species. From this I would be tempted to suggest that its a somewhat acidic area and that the orchid is more likely Heath Spotted (they are rather frequent on coastal acid heaths). The two species, Heath and Common spotted can look rather similar so another good idea is to take a photo of several individuals from the population so that you can check that the one you are looking at is a fairly average plant and does not have a particularly strange spotting pattern on the flowers and the flower shape is usual for that population. Then compare the detailed descriptions and images of the two species. I've put links to a few of my photos of the two species below but you can always look on the web for other images. (unusual white form)

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Thanks for your ID help, tried to get another photo, but Farmer as placed a large Bull in field where the Orchids, grow.