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Observed: 14th September 2013 By: katthedogkatthedog’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenskatthedog’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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this fungus definitely had pores, white to be exact, so that lead me to believe it was a bolete.

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That would have been important information to have supplied when first posting.

However, I know of no bolete with a white veil, and at this stage in the development of the fruitbody, the veil might well have still covered the gills or pores. Could it have looked poroid? The Hypomyces parasite of boleti is initially white of course, but it doesn't look right for that.

A photograph of the underside would have been so useful - essential in fact. I would argue that a photograph of a toadstool is not worth taking unless a view of the underside is taken as well. Even then, identification from photographs is often very difficult, hence the large number of photographs that rightly go un-named on iSpot.

I am afraid I remain unconvinced that it is a bolete. If you know better, so be it. I have to go on what we see here.


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I was told that one of the

I was told that one of the characteristics of Leccinum schistophilum is the splitting of the stem like this.