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Greek bird of prey

Observed: 13th September 2013 By: PerdikaPerdika’s reputation in BirdsPerdika’s reputation in BirdsPerdika’s reputation in Birds

This is the only photo I managed to take of a large bird which rested briefly on top of a pole some 50 yards away. I have identified it tentatively as a buzzard because of its general shape, because of the glimpse of a down-curved beak when it turned its head, and white on its underwing when it flew away. We have never identified a buzzard here before, but Handrinos and Akriotis describe it as a "Common and widespread resident" so there is no reason why it should not be here. Is there enough information in the photo to enable a more positive identification?

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Looks to blue-grey for a buzzard to me. I would have said sparrowhawk but you describe it as a large bird of prey. Any other feature seen on its front?

Bob Ford

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Definitely large

The largest bird we generally see here is a hooded crow, and this was certainly bigger than that. However, I take your point about the colour. Unfortunately we did not see any other distinguishing features.