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Porcelain Crab (added via Android)

Observed: 22nd August 2013 By: tommoses
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
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Under rock in shallow rockpool - 20+ of them.....

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Porcellana platycheles

Porcelain crab does not seem a very apt name for this crab with massive unequal claws with long fringes of hairs on claws and legs. The nearly circular carapace is a feature of these crabs; our other species of porcelain crab is Pisidia longicornis; it has narrow claws and no hairs on the claws. Both have very long antennae.


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Porcelaneous (Zool.) Having a smooth, compact shell without pores
I have quite a few pictures of these in assorted clothing. But it is the underside which shows off the porcelaneous nature - see Ruraidh's here -