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Observed: 4th September 2013 By: leenestofvipersleenestofvipers’s reputation in Mammalsleenestofvipers’s reputation in Mammalsleenestofvipers’s reputation in Mammals

3.5cms long. Pip maternity roost nearby.

    Likely ID
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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bat maybe...

....hooks might point to this (sorry for the pun)

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Are there any more

Are there any more photographs available?

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It is certainly a bat, you can see the ears and there are the hooks. Have you a photo of the whole body?

Graham Banwell

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I will add a couple more pictures.

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The size at 3.5 cm is

The size at 3.5 cm is probably right for pipistrelle but there's something a bit odd about the mandibles. I cannot see that the skeleton has separate radius and ulna bones in the lower part of the front limb which would suggest that it is a Vespertilionid bat rather than a Rhinolophid (the Horseshooe bats)- which do have both. On the other hand I cannot see separate tibia / fibula bones in the lower back leg, which is a feature of the Vespertilionid bats, and not shared with the Horseshoes. The reason I can't see is probably because the back limbs are a bit scrunched up with more soft tissue on them. Have a look at the two bat skeletons in my Facebook album at https://www.facebook.com/ric.maurice.3/media_set?set=a.215604545281506.1...