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2013-09-12 11.32.47

Observed: 12th September 2013 By: antonypod56antonypod56’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
2013-09-12 11.32.47

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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Probably an Amanita

But without pictures of gills, stipe, and comments on odour and habitat (trees in particular), hard to go further.
Some fungi stain on bruising, which can also be significant.

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growing out of softwood post rotted into soil. the photo shows everything...its not a mature growth. i will go back and get another photo if it has grown. Manners are a virtue.

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Sorry -

Did my comment offend?

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what does it mean? photo was

what does it mean? photo was best of 6 taken in a difficult spot with a phone.

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I don't think it can be Hedgehog

That has a smooth cap (see
for example - the "spines" are the gills underneath.
My suggestion of an Amanita was based on my believing that the "spines" are actually the remains of the volva, which often remain on the cap for days. They're occasionally washed off by rain, leaving the cap smooth (and confusing as a result).

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This is one of the fungi families that I have only just started to learn more about in depth. This is one of possibly 5 that all look very similar when still closed, when open the full ID features will be exposed, hope this is helpful.

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Defiantly not common puffball (lycoperdon perlatum) they are almost all white with small short pyramidal warts, not volval remnants and brown in colour. Hope this is helpful

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perlatum or not

it was in a nook and shady on a bright day. brown colour product of flash. any thoughts? ta.

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Ok but,

But the parts eaten buy whatever are white and the volval remains are still white, might have been flash but surely it would all be brown? Have you any more photo's of this fungi?