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Pink flowers

Observed: 10th September 2013 By: hlj35
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Solitary drooping flowers have 5 stiff petals, and appear to have five stamens etc. Petals range from deep red at centre to pale whitish pink at tips. Two white spots at point where petals turn back. Sepals fused and same colour as stem. Stem is brown and fairly smooth.10-11cm No leaves or branches.

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Cyclamen hederifolium

Thanks to all who have identified this.
I had just struggled through the weird RHS Encyclopaedia and was about to proudly announce my identification as C hederifolium ,but I see that there are a lot of expert gardeners out there! Thanks again.
I was surprised to find it in the bed which has been totally neglected for at least 13 years. (It was cut off by a small greenhouse, which has now been moved.) Are their any records of this tough little plant as a garden escape, or semi naturalized like this one?

Huw Jones BA(Hons)HNDA

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C. hederifolium is widely naturalised, especially in the southern half of England. You can see its distribution by clicking on the NBN link above (be patient!). It grows from a corm which is almost indestructible, and spreads by producing seed which is carried away by ants.