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Shewalton Beetle (10)

Observed: 9th September 2013 By: George CrawfordGeorge Crawford’s reputation in Invertebrates
Shewalton Beetle (10)
SHewalton Beetle (5)

Found in some abundance on a mint plant in Shewalton Woods, near Irvine, North Ayrshire. Reminiscent of a Ladybird in shape, but significantly larger than the common varieties. I have never seen a similar beetle before.

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Pretty sure this is not a

Pretty sure this is not a Rosemary Beetle. We have had dozens this year on (would you believe) our rosemary shrub. The wing cases are like little gems of purple and green glinting in sun light. Very colourful

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A bit too quick-off-the-mark there. And by coincidence I had a Rosemary Beetle in my moth trap this morning so I'll post it on here later.