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Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)

Observed: 10th September 2013 By: ThistleThistle’s reputation in Fungi and LichensThistle’s reputation in Fungi and LichensThistle’s reputation in Fungi and LichensThistle’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)
Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)
Pear Rust (Gymnosporangium sabinae)

On the outside wall of a walled garden. All of the pear trees had some infection. Photo 3 shows the worst.
See for information about the life-cycle of this fungus.


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This is a slightly untypical form (underneath) but hey, if you check Other Obs you will see others like it.
One of the earliest post in iSpot is this
It was fashionable then to be very companionable, write comments and add agreements; now you might be lucky a single interaction in two whole years and 143 reads - where are the Naturalists?
This so obviously what you propose that there can be no doubt, like me you should go through all the other Posts of Pear Rust and add an agreement, if you feel you can.

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Going through all posts

That would be nice but life is too short. I do try to look at all current posts and have done so since I joined. Digging back only happens when I'm unsure about something so, by definition, I'm not in a position then to agree (or disagree) with a post.