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Observed: 10th September 2013 By: jezejeze’s reputation in Invertebrates

Yellow/Greenish metallic chrysalis. 24mm long. Found on Sage.

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Was it Sage from your garden or cultivated Sage from a packet or retailer ?

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There are plenty of Small

There are plenty of Small Tort chrysalises around here at the moment. I've never seen one with such an amazing metallic sheen before.

The sage is in a long-standing bed in a herb garden

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Hi Jeze,If you have a look

Hi Jeze,

If you have a look at the female Small Tortoiseshell pupa offered in ukleps, they are virtually as metallic as the one above. The shape is spot on also for the species. Its a really nice one, the last one I saw wasnt nearly so metallic. I wonder are they more metallic when 'brand new'.