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Hieroglyph ladybird

Observed: 21st August 2013 By: madjanevmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebratesmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebratesmadjanev’s reputation in Invertebrates
Heiroglyph ladybird

A small brown ladybird with an unusual spot pattern.

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The UK Ladybird Survey mentions heather as the predominant habitat of this ladybird and from your location, this looks likely here.

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Nice find

This is one you really don't see very often, even in heathery areas, but it's very distinctive. Good find. :o)

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Thanks! - and yes it is a heathery area away from the coast - I'm guessing it was on it's way somewhere as it flew in and landed on my boot whilst I was having lunch.

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A fantastic spot! I'm sure

A fantastic spot! I'm sure the guys at UK Ladybird Survey would be really pleased with this record - have a look here

Clare Flynn

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Will do.

OK, thanks for the link. I'll do that.