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Micromoth - Acrobasis?

Observed: 20th August 2013 By: Cheryl HaidonCheryl Haidon’s reputation in InvertebratesCheryl Haidon’s reputation in InvertebratesCheryl Haidon’s reputation in Invertebrates
Micromoth - Acrobasis?
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Trachycera or Acrobasis?

Many thanks with ID help for this moth. Sterling calls it Acrobasis, the UK Moths website calls it Trachycera. I understand that systematic names are prone to change - how do you know which one to use?

It's good to have it to species level (advenella) which is where I was really struggling, so thank you.


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This one is a mess! Fauna Europaea has it as Acrobasis advenella and Trachycera now looks like a blind alley. No doubt all will be resolved with the publication of the new British list. See

Robert Homan