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Observed: 6th September 2013 By: bobwinnbobwinn’s reputation in Invertebratesbobwinn’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Black legs?

I thought Ruddy Darters have all black legs? This ones have quite a bit of brown. Also, the two black marks on segments 8 & 9 are not all that prominent. I lean more towards Common Darter than Ruddy.

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Common darter

I agree with Vinny,i think eyes and face are much redder on Ruddy darter,

On closer inspection definitely Common Darter due to white line down legs.

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I could be wrong put your ID up


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This one has a yellow line down the leg but has quite a wasted body this was confusing me.

Bob Winn

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Know what you mean

Common Darter males do vary quite a lot - I've often been completely convinced I've found a Ruddy but on closer examination realised I was wrong.