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Fungus or lichen?

Observed: 19th August 2013 By: madjanevmadjanev’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensmadjanev’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

A small straw coloured mushroom.


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I think it may be Omphalina rickenii but not confident enough to add an identification so have agreed with genus only


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Thanks - but I don't think

Thanks - but I don't think it's rickenii - I've just checked the habitat for that one, and it says woodland. This was growing half way up a mountain in a quite open but marshy area. There was lots of sphagnum around but I can't remember if this was associated with it, or just in one of the damp areas. I wondered if it might be fulvopallens or ericetorum (unless they are the same thing). I'm also finding some references to Lichenomphalia, but don't really understand how that fits in.