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Humming bird4

Observed: 9th September 2013 By: Jean Lucas
humming bird4

This looks like a humming bird in that it has a long slender beak and in that it hovers by rotating its wings whilst searching for nectar. Feeding on geraniums; length of body about 1.25 inches; wing span about 2 inches. more likely it is a moth but in full sunshine?

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You might want to edit your entry and move it to the invertebrates section, many thanks.

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As noted by Chris Brooks and

As noted by Chris Brooks and by Tarkermerl, this is definitely a moth not a bird. You, thought so yourself, Jean, but then appeared to doubt the likelihood of this because you saw it flying in daylight so it is perhaps worth saying that whilst the majority of moths are indeed nocturnal, not all are and there a number of species which can be found flying by day. The Hummingbird Hawk Moth is one such species.
It is a migratory species that arrives here from the Continent in varying numbers each year. A lovely thing to see and a great record to have for your garden.

Jonathan Wallace