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Needs ID

Observed: 7th September 2013 By: leahbeechamleahbeecham’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

No identification made yet.

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Looks like it maybe Tough

Looks like it maybe Tough shank Collybia but without much more information/photos not possible to id

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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Hello, Thanks for your

Hello, Thanks for your comment,

These were found growing underneath trees but I'm not sure which tree so not very helpful but they were single, Once i found one, I couldnt find anymore in that area, they are quite tall between 13-18cm

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I am guessing that you are only washing them for identification purposes, and not preparing unknown species for what might be a culinary disaster, better safe than sorry and not end up ill. Some are better off left growing if you are unsure.

Ben :)

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Yes I forgot my book when i

Yes I forgot my book when i went out so brought them home to look in my book when I got back but couldn't find these ones so I recycled them in the compost bin... would never eat anything I was unsure of, thought I would ask people on here to see if they were edible so that I knew for next time!