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Ramalina in upper splash zone

Observed: 9th May 2010 By: dw5448
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Another frustrating day with the lichens - is this one species or more? Considerable variation in fruiting bodies from flat to globular, from white to black and black-ringed. R.siliquosa is said to be very variable, so I am going for this as it doesn't look like any of the others.


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Yes, R.siliquosa can be most

Yes, R.siliquosa can be most unreasonably variable, then it gets munched by snails etc and that makes IDs even harder!

Its closest look-alike is R. cuspidata, photos, details etc here:

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So unbelievably different

I was just coming in to take the posting off as I had begun to have second thoughts - the variation is HUGE even in places just a few miles apart.

Thanks Jenny. I go to the Irish Lichens site as my first choice now - brilliant photographs, as I may have said before.


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Thanks Dave, LichenIreland is

Thanks Dave, LichenIreland is another useful lichen website that gives descriptions and habitat info though not always photo's, and Alan Silverside's site gives photos and details too.