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Larval help please???

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sawfly larva???

This has been passed to me by a colleague - any help would be much appreciated. Will try and find out some more details of where it was found etc.

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Thanks Chris, will pass this

Thanks Chris, will pass this on and see if poplars were close.

Clare Flynn

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I apologise for my terrible typing, my text should read "It would help confirm the ID if there were any trees of the Poplar family nearby".

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Poplar Sawfly

I agree with Chris, and as far as I know there isn't anything else that looks very similar, but as Chris says it would be good to know if there is poplar or aspen in the vicinity.

There's a bit more information on Poplar Sawfly here:

and some more detail, including photos of the larval feeding signs, on page 6 of newsletter no. 1 from the Sawfly Study Group (pdf download via Record biological records centre in Cheshire):

Although the Poplar Sawfly seems to be quite local and not often seen in Britain, it has been introduced to the USA and is considered to be an invasive alien species there (pdf download):

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Yes, I have been informed

Yes, I have been informed that there is a Poplar tree where the larva was found - Bingo!
Thanks for input folks.

Clare Flynn