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Rockpool fish, SE Scotland

Observed: 8th September 2013 By: Laurence HawkingsLaurence Hawkings’s reputation in Fish
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Hi Laurence, I think your

Hi Laurence,

I think your other wee one is most likely another Taurulus bubalis also. They havent got as bulbous a head when very small but the barred markings on the tail also suggest its a Sea Scorpion.

The white barbel below and to the rear of the eye (which seperates T bubalis from Myoxocephalus scorpius)can only be seen on the fish on the left.

T bubalis seems to be very common in rockpools but as yet I havent once seen a juvenile M scorpius in my local rockpools but they are occasionally caught as adults by anglers in the adjacent deeper inshore waters. All the young ones I have seen are Tb. They are lovely looking fish.


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Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your reply. I will look for the white barbel in future, as I was not aware that this was a feature.