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Figwort Sawfly? but what about the antennae?

Observed: 8th September 2013 By: obrobobrob’s reputation in Invertebrates
figwort sawfly 1
figwort sawfly 2

Photographed on Figwort or Water Figwort. Looks like the many photos online of Tenthredo scrophulariae except that none I've seen show the very distinct dark tips to the antennae that this individual had. Can anyone explain?

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probably, I think...

I've just been trying to work this out from Benson's RES keys (out of print but available here: http://www.royensoc.co.uk/content/out-print-handbooks), and I think it has to be scrophulariae. The critical point is the final key point, where the flagellum of the antenna (I think that is practically all of it except the basal two segments) is "all or mostly reddish or yellow". This seems to allow enough leeway to accommodate yours, and it certainly fits the key in the other characters... so yes, I reckon you're right, and this is just a minor colour variation. :o)