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Observed: 14th September 2013 By: vholme84

This is a large tree growing in our allotment, we have been told it is a white elderberry but we are not sure.

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Can you ...

... manage closeups of the leaves and fruit clusters, and on the other hand of the tree as a whole.

There is green-berried form of elder. However elder does not make a large tree (for some interpretations of large), and the photograph doesn't look right for elder either (elder has corymbose infructescences, and while I can't make out the structure here, it looks different).

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Hi, thanks for your reply. I

Hi, thanks for your reply. I will take some more pictures next time I am up there and hopefully I will be able to show the detail a bit better. As a brief description, the edges of the leaves are slightly serrated and the fruit seems to hang in the same way and in the same type of clusters (forgive my lack of terminology!) as elderberries, but off much thicker branches.
I will try to capture in in photos anyway!

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Hi lavateraguy, Just wanted

Hi lavateraguy,

Just wanted to say thanks very much for the identification, as you suggest I'll keep an eye on it, but if I remember rightly the berries did not turn black last year (not that we were paying much attention then!). My next task is to try and find something to do with them!

Thanks again