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Blue rayed limpet

Observed: 8th September 2013 By: kate-w29
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Blue rayed limpet

Beautiful iridescent pale blue flecks on shell

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br limpet

If you move this to "invertebrates" you may get more response

Mark Wilson

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switched to inverts by just

switched to inverts by just agreeing it

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Automatic switching

when agreement becomes Likely is a very sensible; is it new?


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I've no idea what you mean, JoC

but it was 'other organisms' & so only an 'initial Id', & by adding an agreement became an invertebrate & got a Likely ID. Ah, I see! Yes it is newish (a month or so). For other groups you have to generate a new likely ID that beats the old one to get a switch

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This must be a new feature Chris. as there were enough agreements to trigger likely. Why oh why don't Admin tell us what's being done/improved?