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Daubentons Bats

Observed: 2nd August 2009 By: AB25426 - abbey
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Multiple daubentons bats over beck

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Daubenton's bats

While some of the other Myotis bats sound similar on a heterodyne bat detector, if you see it flying straight and low over water, then it's a fair bet that it's a Daubenton's. They can even dip their (hairy) feet in the water while taking insects from the surface!


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Daubenton's bats

Yes, it was the distinctive flight pattern low over the water that confirmed the ID, and made them easy to observe (although no easier to get photos!). There was at least one other species, with a slightly higher peak frequency and flight through the woodland, which I think were Natterer's, but I can't be sure.

Abbey Burn
OU Student BSc Natural Sciences

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Daubenton's bat

These are the only bat which regualarly flies low over water. However, I have seen the odd pipistrelle flying like daubenton bats low over water but only one at a time and then as part of a route which also took it around trees on the bankside.

Graham Banwell

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