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Star system & Interactions

Having posted my first interaction -
I note that I have a different number of reputation points in the heading and in the identification.
Not that I'm complaining - I don't think I deserve four stars for invertebrates anyway - but are these based on different "scores"? Or is it because the first post was of a plant (where I do have 3 stars)?



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Four in both

You seem to have four in both heading and identification when I look at it.

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That's odd

I wonder why it was different at first?

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All I can think of

is that concurrently with the rendering of the webpage someone somewhere agreed with one of your inverts IDs and boosted you from three to four stars. Thus when the first set was put up it correctly noted you had three but by the time it came to add the second set (the ID) it displayed four.

Just guessing though.

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sounds likely

I think David's explanation is most likely the solution to this one.

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