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Baby Cricket?

Observed: 28th May 2010 By: Keith D80user
Baby cricket or grasshopper, or adult?

This little insect is only about 1cm i was photographing a catterpillar when this went into my field of view. is it a baby or is it an adulti wold never have seen it if i wasnt on my knees

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Nymph - but of what?

This is probably a nymph - i.e. an immature Orthopteran - as you suggest. Those with more knowledge than I may be able to identify it from the stubby antennae. Crickets tend to have very long antennae, grass- and groundhoppers have shorter ones.

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This is definitely an

This is definitely an Orthopteran nymph of some kind - colouration would suggest Dark Bush-Cricket, but the stumpy antennae would rule it out (bush-crickets and true crickets have long, whip-like antennae, grasshoppers have short, thick antennae) - on the other hand, I'm not sure I've seen a nymph that small, the antennae may take another instar or so to reach their true form

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Grasshopper nymph.

I believe that crickets have the same long antennae as adults during their early instars (including the Dark Bush-cricket nymph I saw yesterday), which makes this a grasshopper nymph.
Grasshoppers can be very variable in colour, with several species having a brown form. This could possibly be a Meadow Grasshopper nymph (Chorothippus parallelus), but I wouldn't want to enter that as an ID!