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Species with which Lesser Treble-Bar (Aplocera efformata) interacts


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Colin, before I agree I take

Colin, before I agree I take it you've looked at the shape of its backside

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Hi Brian

A good ID point - Difficult to tell apart from the less common Lesser Treble-bar (A. efformata), which has more angled inner cross-line on the forewing.

As you correctly suggest given the available image angled not on a plane

Treble-bar has elongated, pointed claspers giving rise to a narrow abdomen tip. Lesser Treble-bar has a blunter tip to the abdomen with rather shorter, curved claspers

I dont think given the angle you could conclude on this however in so far as both species go from experience I'd suggest the Lesser


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If there is no reference to

If there is no reference to abdomen then perhaps we should start identifying these two as 'Treble/Lesser Treble-bar' which would avoid having this debate every time one of them crops up.


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Donald, it only works for

Donald, it only works for males. There are diagrams in Waring and Townsend, Moth of Great Britain and Ireland p 125. I hope this helps.

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Thanks Brian

but with a little care and practice it works perfectly well with females too. See the comparison photos on UKmoths website.