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Juvenile common shrews?

Observed: 7th September 2013 By: JuleyMJuleyM’s reputation in Mammals
Juvenile common shrew 1
Juvenile common shrew 2

Only approx. 4.5 & 5.5cm in length respectively but have longish tail and side fur gradation so am pretty sure they are juvenile common shrews not pygmys.

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Possibly both species

The one in the left image appears to have a long tail, domed skull & less distinct flanks, suggestive of Pygmy Shrew, but the one of the right looks much more like a Common Shrew with shorter tail and more distinct flanks. So, I'll agree with the Common Shrew ID, but you may want to post the other separately as Pygmy Shrew (if others agree with me).

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Both species

I agree with Tamasine that you have both species here - a longer tail in relation to the body is indicative of pygmy shrew. The smaller animal is a bit discoloured, but in any case I find it very difficult to distinguish between the two species on fur colour alone - apart from anything else there is a lot of variation in fur colour within each species, and things like camera angle, lighting and whether the coat is damp mean you can rarely see a distinct bi- or tri-coloured coat as the books say you should!

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