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Mullein moth (added via Android)

Observed: 9th July 2012 By: Steve CrisellSteve Crisell’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve Crisell’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve Crisell’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Species with which Mullein (Shargacucullia verbasci) interacts


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Will agree when ID is added.

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happy... agree - get your ID posted before someone else does.

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Oh David...

...we could all of done this - we were allowing Steve to post his ID - naughty !!

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If I see an entry

which is unidentified and which I can identify then I identify it. Pretty sure that is what iSpot is for.

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More evidence of unusual

More evidence of unusual emergence/flight time patterns for 2013. The "normal" larval period for Mullein is given as May - July. Reports of larvae here in Glos suggest an extension this year with small caterpillars being seen later than usual. (Comment added in the light of the original date given for the observation - ie September.)

Robert Homan

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Observation date?

Maybe Steve can confirm but perhaps the actual observation date was earlier in the year and his Android device is not reading the image date.

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This pic was taken on the 9th

This pic was taken on the 9th July 2012.

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That explains it

If you want you can edit the entry and change the observed date to this.