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Animal Droppings ?

Observed: 6th September 2013 By: Paul Quirke

My Father in Law keeps finding these droppings in his back garden could anyone enlighten us to where they come from.

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no idea

just adding my name so I get kept in the loop with this very puzzling one.
Wondered if a fox had been eating whole maize cobs !

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young rabbits

are there very young rabbits in the garden ?
This looks like coalesed young rabbit poo

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Rabbit caecotropes

I had forgotten about the "other kind" of rabbit droppings.
The sweet little creatures are caprophagous: not being multi-stomached like ruminants, they produce a semi-digested excrement ("caecotropes"), which they then re-ingest to give their digestive systems another "go" at the rather stubborn vegetable matter therein.
These caecotropes can be stuck together, which the "final effluent" droppings never are, in my experience.

Revised: the "Hawk Moth" suggestion looks exactly right. New to me, but once googled, I can see that it matches.