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...where did you find this, terrain, area, trees, etc would all help us better.

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Where did you find this?

Heather moorland, with lots of bracken.

Steve Terry,
Isle of Skye

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Chris... this not spined Shieldbug rather than spiked?

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It goes by both names, British Bugs call it the Spiked Shieldbug which will do for me.

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...enough my website printout is from britishbugs as well 'shieldbugs - illustrated life stages' and quotes spined shieldbug? Latin the same anyway.

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Yep I see but when you click on the link to the page they call it the "Spiked Shieldbug". If they are undecided who knows. I have always known it as the Spiked Shieldbug but I suppose that is why the Latin name is so important.

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ID comment

Red reddish legs and antennae together with those very sharp protrusions on the pronotum help identify this Shieldbug.

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Spiked SB

Spiked Shieldbug is what it has been for some years , normally a feeder of larvae on Bramble and most particular found like many shieldbugs along water corridors can be confused with the Forest SB but the sharp shoulders aid distinction it is one of 3 or so of the 43 or so British SB species that is carnivorous with one gen per year and specialist stylets for extracting juices from soft larve such as Sawflies. There is of course a Heather SB which does not seem to be reported here in any numbers