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Unknown Funghi for ID

Observed: 4th September 2013 By: John OzJohn Oz’s reputation in Fungi and LichensJohn Oz’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Slightly sticky on cap (conditions damp), seemed to be attracting flies. Yellow-brown at apex, becoming whiter towards edge. Whitish gills. Stem fairly broad with no ring, whiter at top, browner at base. Growing in damp, dark conditions on remains of broadleaf tree.


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Thanks for that - in fact, having seen Sulphur Tuft before, that was also my first guess, but the small book I have spoke about the gills being brown only, not like these. In fact, the web site link you gave me explains the variability, and shows early growth looking like these - perhaps time for me to get a better field guide!

John Oz

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books and webs

John, there always a place for a second (up to fifth!) good book; but the webthing is a wonder area, so too iSpot itself.
Browse through the other observations here and see how the general colours, particularly of the stipe, and also the 'demeanour' (birders call it Jizz) match yours quite well.
Everyone has a favourite website (put a few in your favourites) - I have quite a few fungal ones but Dave Fenwick's site is one I have come to know well..

Here's a place where you can mail pictures for ID

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